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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Flower Present

It is a flower gift of "The Golden Ring" cities to millennium Yaroslavl. The place nearby the fountain on Andropova street was decorated with flower compositions. Each of them is an original present of the cities from "The Golden Ring" and some towns of Yaroslavl oblast (Yaroslavl region).

The work has just been started. The official opening is on July 9th. In this day there will be representatives from all participated cities: Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Pasad, Rostov, Uglich and other.

via NTM News.

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Skomoroshiy Bunt is movie's folk music band

Skomoroshiy Bunt (in Russian: Скомороший бунт) was founded in April, 2005 as "special music project" of the television series "Molodoy Volkodav". Initially the band consisted of Alexander Kasatkin (the leader of the half-folk/half-bard music band "Zabava") and Zakhar Potemkin (the leader of the cult Yaroslavl folk music band "Neizvestnaya Zemlya").

Kasatkin sang and played gusli, Potekin also sang and played lyre. In May several songs was recorded. Apart from filming there were two performances: a local bike show and "The Festival of an Orthodox Song".

There were three songs in the final revision of TV mini-series. In October a singer of Cossack chorus "Charochka" joined the band. He is Evgeny Bobkov. Now the band is:

  • Alexander Kasatkin - vocal, gusli, kazoo;
  • Zakhar Potemkin - vocal, percussion, kazoo;
  • Evgeny Bobkov - vocal, lyre and kazoo.

Almost all songs are written by the band. Kasatkin has written 60%, Potemkin - 40%. There are more then 20 songs of Skomoroshiy Bunt. The most part is in album "Natsionalnaya ideya" (in Engish: National idea). In 2008 Internet-album "Geroy" (in English: The Hero) was released.

What is the style of the band? All mixed: folk, rock and sometimes Cossack...

Some website on the Internet:

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