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one of the oldest Russian city Yaroslavl

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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Flower Present

It is a flower gift of "The Golden Ring" cities to millennium Yaroslavl. The place nearby the fountain on Andropova street was decorated with flower compositions. Each of them is an original present of the cities from "The Golden Ring" and some towns of Yaroslavl oblast (Yaroslavl region).

The work has just been started. The official opening is on July 9th. In this day there will be representatives from all participated cities: Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Pasad, Rostov, Uglich and other.

via NTM News.

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  1. Chris Overstreet

    Beautiful! And the city doesn't look a day over 750.

  2. Ganny

    I will be traveling to Russia this summer. Have not set my agenda yet.

  3. yudikris

    This is awesome, Elina, Evgeny! The city is very clean and has such great view. Salute!

    Greetings from an Orthodox friend in Indonesia :)


  4. yudikris

    And, thanks very much. This is my joy to find your interesting site here :). I have added this to my right side of my blog in category "Friends from here and other countries" (in yudikris.blogspot.com). @ Yudhie

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