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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl For Me Podcast, Episode 4

Table of content:

  1. Russian learning lesson with the transcript: the dialogue "The First Snow".
  2. The song "Nebesa" of Yaroslavl music band Broadside. Russian music with lyrics.

Our extra materials for this podcast:

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 in . You can comment (already 2 responses).

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  1. James Boekbinder

    Very cool! What a difference from the days when I was learning Russian, back in the mid-1970's... we would have been lucky to find some old magazine. Indeed, in those days it was: 'pustota nakryla'. Great that the words are posted.

  2. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your video. We visited Russia last summer but did not get to come to your town. If we come again, we will visit!

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