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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

The biggest snowman

A record tall snowman was built by a man from Zavolzhsky district. The hight of the main symbol of Russian winter is 4 meters!

Sergey Martsenko has decided to create a handmade gladness and share it with children. Now the author of the snowman is the local celebrity. All neighborhood kids are coming to his house (and even from kindergarten). Some of them helped him to build the snowman.

Sergey suddenly got upon an idea to create the hugest snowman of the city. Sergey didn't want to stay at home all holiday. That is why he took a spade and began to build a sculpture. Sergey Martsenko:

Initially I heaped up snow, than created a framework, the second snow heap. I created the bucket all day!

The snowman is always being watered that not to tumble down. Kids believe that the snowman can bring luck.

The original Russian text can be found on the NTM website.

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  1. Alexey

    It's wonderful!

  2. Mary

    Супер-сайт! я рада, что есть такие же любители Ярославля, как я! спасибо Вам!

  3. James Boekbinder

    This is so incredibly cool! Really nice how they all worked together on it.

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