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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Front Door #5: Sverdlova Street, 9

General information


We are in front of the building known for most of Yaroslavl citizens as Ars-Cinema. The cinema rested in peace in 1994 and now there are “Ars-Forum” and Yaroslavl Chamber Theatre there. However, the original mission of the building was far from arts.

It was built in 1913 as House Of Mutual Help For Private Official Labour. The meaning of the title is rather simple. It was a combination of special interests club and special helpdesk for so-called “small business”. It is said the building has never played such role. Because during The World War I there was a hospital there. And the Ars-Cinema was arranged there almost immediately after the Revolution.

Okey, let's go to know more about this building

However, let’s come back to the front door. The building was created by Sarenko, a well-known to us genius of Yaroslavl architecture. This man built it in his style. It was art nouveau. To realize this fact just take a look at the buildings face. It is asymmetric because of a bulkhead on the right side. Moreover, the bulkhead form is a single unit with the face and looks harmoniously. Sure thing, the front door is in the bulkhead. What are we waiting for? Let’s go in!

The door

There is no porch here. The door itself is pleasant to look at as well as to touch. It is also massive and heavy. The feeling of the made’s recency still has not disappeared. Do not be surprised – it is because the old doors were renewed not so long ago. A small modernistic decoration demonstrates it once more.

The stairs

Getting into a roomy ceremonial hall, you will involuntarily be lost in this kingdom of massy columns and fretworks. However, the hall worthy gorgeous stairs is on the right. There it – leads to second floor.

Should pay attention to a perfect solution. Widening maximally on the first step, the stairs narrow gradually to the end of the stairwell. It is like it invites the visitor, flings arms, calls him…

With such a solution the stair rails represent the top of irrationality and non-functionality. Squandering apotheosis. The rails go over the stairs bends, and this pinstripe, like a part of some modern loved squandering ornament, is absolutely impractical – nobody will use it. It was made to delight the look.

The posh rails run upwards.

The stairs are not long, it is two-span, so there are only three stands – for the first and the second floors and a between-ladder one. Should stay more in detail on them.

Stairs stands

Let’s go by falling, so let’s begin with the second floor. There are a window, a piano and beautiful giant doors here. It is clear by pattern that good old modern lives up to our days here.

Coming down. There is nothing deserving attention on the between-ladder stand except a rustication (a surface which imitates bricks or stone blocks) and a window. The window is on the second floor level i.e. high above. It is shuttered a few, so there is light pleasant twilight here.

Here they the two front door windows (view from country yard).

By the way, the stairs was already attached in Soviet times, when the building has been converted to cinema. There were batches of satisfied audience used exactly this stairs.

All right, if so, pay your attention to bricked oval windows situated atop. If at first much light did not interfere the hall of the Community Of Mutual Help, then in the case of cinema the light became a screening noise, so the modern oval windows were bricked.

However, let’s come back to the hall. The first floor stand, if we can call the hall so, represents a perfect example of interior of public buildings of the XX-th century beginning. Despite of some reconstructions, most components reach our days.

So, that decorated bafflers:

That columns

And even that fretwork made in form of classics of all times design – three tied by ribbon laurel wreathes. They symbolize Russia victories in all conceivable wars.

However, even that is not used to be called the point of the front hall.

The point

Here they those two mirrors. One of them is near the women’s restroom door (and again, the modern style door is original). Another one is at the exit.

They were restored but older generations memoirs and indirect signs certify that this modern style furniture (what a floral ornament on the top!) is the building fellow. Those two mirrors have likely stayed in the hall for more than one hundred years. It is cool, isn’t it?

The original text was written by Yan Levin.

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