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Old Yaroslavl

Millennium Park of Yaroslavl

Millennium Park Of Yaroslavl

In one and a half years we'll not be able to know Kotorosl Embankment. There will be one of the most ambition Millennium project in a place of a waterlogged bank of the river from the Financial Academy to the Yubeleynaya Hotel. It's so called City Park. There will be a concert hall, a hotel, a fitness club there. And all of this can be seen in the projects.

Neglected parks and wasteland or a good territory with infrastructure? What will the residents want to see in the center of millennium Yaroslavl? Recently there was a public meeting when the project had been discussed. The president gift — the concert hall — will be the heart of the park. The group of companies "Tashir" readies to invest over a 500 million of dollars in the project.

Sergey Kalinin, the deputy of the municipality:

More than two years ago the group of companies "Tashire" decided to realize the project "City Park". This park is intended for a concept "the city in the city". The City Park of millennium Yaroslavl is an absolutely new format for our city. The park promises to be the largest, the most expensive and highly technological object.

A hotel, a fitness club, colorful fountains… "City Park" is a social project. On top of that Kotoroselnaya naberezhnaya street will be widened.

via NTM News.

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  1. Evgeny Pavlov

    If they can do it it will be great! I wish they can.

  2. Anonymous

    Wind of changes blows in the Yaroslavl :-) We'll see what they really can do!

  3. editor

    What is the status of this park? Will it be finished before the celebrations?

  4. Evgeny Pavlov

    Yes, it will be finished. And it's the official park of the millennium. There will be a concert-hall nearby the park. The concert-hall is Putin's gift.

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