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one of the oldest Russian city Yaroslavl

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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is an interesting place in Russia

It is the first post in our amusing website. Yes, I have to write something about this resource but eventually this post will be at the last page. Nevertheless, the first words are necessary to say.

Elina and I want to tell you about some provincial city in Russia. You can read many articles on the Internet about Russian life, habits, history etc. Also there is lots of information concerning Moscow, the capital of Russia. Although It's very interesting to read popular and common stories, we want to tell you only about real life in Russia.

And Yaroslavl is suitable for this mission. Photographs, news, music etc. They all are real things.

I wonder why everybody writes only about capitals? But the life in a province can be more interesting! Life in Yaroslavl.

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