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Leto na Marse: the Classic Rock Band in Yaroslavl

We want to introduce a new section of our website with Yaroslavl musician reviews. When I asked Elina what a music band would be the first in our set she resolved writing about Leto na Marse.

The Yaroslavl band Leto na Marse (Russian: Лето на Марсе, English: Summer on Mars) was founded in October 2003 year. The first night was on the 29th of November.

We all went in the group having a little bit of music skills but all of us were willing to play music and do something own.

Leto na Marse visited Moscow in September 2005 and took part in Russian Competition "Have a right" ("Imeyu Pravo") of the music channel "O2 TV". Thanks to loyal followings they've won the first prize among 32 contestants.

In December 2006 the debut album "It's what is seen out the window" ("To, chto vidno za oknom", Russian: "То, что видно за окном") was released.

Make up a name of a band is always pitfalls. We were feverishly looking for variants when our bassist jokingly proposed "Leto na Marse". We were so excited! In fact, now he says he is irritated about this name (smiling). Let's face it. The name of group hasn't to reflect a music conception of the band.

The group is

  • Nicholay Shelekhov — guitar
  • Sergey Sushkov — vocals, guitar
  • Evgeny Bazhin — drums
  • Igor Vlasov — bass

Sometimes organizers mangle the band's name, e.g. "Mice on Summer". Today the band hasn't any director or promoter. And they solve all issues themselves. Once they proposed a soundtrack to a film director. He liked the soundtrack and now their voices are in the film.

Musical tastes are the main stumbling stone in the group. Somebody likes Russian music, another likes west music.

We wish there will be full house of Russian musicians in 100-150 years in New York.

Today the life is built with the principle "work and music". And they have to choose the best way.

Something brings money but it's not enjoyable. And another doesn't get a possibility to nurse a family but there is a great desire to do music. We hope we make the right decision.

We think they carry on their performance. If you want to look into further information you can visit Russian websites:

This band appeals to Elina.

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