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Ex'libris is a positive pop rock music band

Ex'libris is one of the "positive" Yaroslavl music bands which plays music in the pop-rock style. The project was founded in 1995 year by Nikolay Semenyaka. The band was a participant of lots different events like a concert in Olimpiysky, the rock-festival in Maloyaroslavets and many performances in Yaroslavl and Moscow clubs.

The music band likes to play optimistic music which put you in a good mood.

When the band was forming, many musicians have had a big experience of music performing in other groups. Ex'libris became popular after some merge of two bands in 2000 year.

In the beginning of 2007 year under the ridiculous circumstances Sasha (guitarist) knew from bassist Triad about another bassist who wanted to play rock. Though he recently played hard rock in different bands. But nevertheless tastes changed and he decided to work with positive songs. He is Alexey Pechkin.

Today Ex'libris is the band of five interesting musicians. The group doesn't afraid any experiments! The band is

  • Nikolay Semenyaka, voice and guitar
  • Alexander Zelenkov, guitar
  • Sergey Shishov, drums
  • Roman Troshin, keyboards
  • Alexey Pechkin, bass-guitar

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