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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

It is 60s with Stilyagis

There was another event of the Architecture of Movement (I have to mention that all September in Yaroslavl is filled with gorgeous events of the Architecture of Movements). 11th of September there was a ridiculous performance with a Stilyagi theme.

Stilyagi (Russian: стиляги, the plural of стиляга, literally "stylish", "style hunter") were members of a youth subculture that existed from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the USSR. Stilyagi generally opposed the mainstream Soviet ideology of that time and were primarily distinguished by their snappy or unfashionate clothing, considered politically incorrect and contrasting the communist-socialist realities.

say Wikipedia about Stilyagi. Today Stilyagi is a trend because of recently released movie Stilyagi about 1950s life.

Our Stilyagi event was nearby Railway Station. Girls and boys were in colourful clothes which looks as real as last century. Dancing and a little bit of those 50's mood.

There were old cars – it goes without questions! Yaroslavl can also make such great performance concerning with our history. As usual you can see more pictures on the special pages of the project Architecture of Movement.

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