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Start with Architecture of Movement

Yesterday there was the first performance of the Architecture of Movement project which is organized for the second time. The Architecture of Movement (Архитектура движения in Russian) is a set of different kinds of events, performances and actions. Participants of this project say that the project for them is a festival of ideas.

The name of the first event is quite ordinary – Start (which in Russian is Pusk). The main idea was in releasing balloons. Every child, every boy and girl could get an own balloon which had to be released simultaneously with other participants.

Good weather, warm and fresh air with a perfect mood are enough to create awesome event!

I should mention that September, 1st is a big holiday in Russia with the name Knowledge Day (День Знаний in Russian or Den Znanij with transliteration). It is the day when the school year starts.

The whole of September there will be other events of the Architecture the Movement. Lots of photographs can be find on the official website www.armv09.ru.

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