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one of the oldest Russian city Yaroslavl

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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

100 year anniversary of the beginning of the North Railways links

March 10 (February 25), 1909 the government of Russian Empire decided to create a great bridge over Volga near Yaroslavl city. Before the main line of North Railways between Moscow and Arkhangelsk has had a gap in Yaroslavl. The building was entrusted to the engineer S. Olshevsky and all works cost approximately 5 million rubles.

And in July 25, 1911 the assembly of the first bridge span was started. The width of this building was 376 sazhen and the weight was 376000 poods. It was the construction of society Putilovskih plants. The contractors were the brothers Stanislav and Ignaty Ron.

The construction ended in 1913. Yaroslavl bridge got the official name "The bridge of Emperor Nikolas II". There are photos and some extra information on Yarcenter.

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