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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Mamulki BEND is a gop-hip-hop music band of Yaroslavl

I'd like to present an old Yaroslavl music band Mamulki BEND (Russian: Мамульки Бенд, English: pun with words band and mother) which recently celebrated 10th anniversary! So, lets start with their promo video:

The idea to take up music born in student's hostel of Medical Academy in 1999 in Yaroslavl from Maxim Semenov. He was a student of Academy. Only in that place and only with special state of mind, the band with ridiculous name could be created.

In 90s the band played so called "goat-punk". But in 2002 year Mamulki has decided to change both cast and style and they've recorded their first album "Ya tu-tu" (Я ту-ту!), shot a music video and made appearances on local TV and radios.

In 2003 the band worked with the hockey team "Lokomotiv". That's why sung couplets in hockey-style are sung in the whole Russia.

In 2002 year we have learned to play music. And 2005 is the year of begging of corporate era of Mamulki's life. There was a mockery, live sound, funny arrangements and texts, bright caver-versions of soviet hits and the original scene image (crawlers, trousers with khokhloma-style and so on). All of this brought us to Moscow!

There was about 10-20 performances each month in 2005-2006 years. They sang with the most poplar Russian and west stars (from Kirkorov to C.C.Catch) in fashionable clubs of Moscow and other city of Russia.

After corporate music in 2007 Mamulki recorded the single "Veter" (Russian: Ветер, English: Wind) and shot a video in one of the Yaroslavl prison… and then they've recorded another two singles.

In 2007-2008 mp3-collection (13 albums and 135 songs) and DVD (8 videos) were released.

2008 — tour and work in home studio in Yaroslavl. As result there is a new album "Noviy Albom" (Russian: Новый Альбом; English: New Album). 2009 year is beginning of work on the project of two bands Mamulki and Bakh-Kompot (Бах-Компот).

The websites about Mamulki Bend:

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  1. Hiphop

    yeah baby a truly hiphop hiphop lifestyle gathered seven of the infinite reality of my respect to that benefit in the hiphop culture, thanks to all people who love the best is passion

  2. Stefan Kluge

    love their music! i will use it in my free culture road movie production "Байкерский дух" and i hope to meet them soon in person, maybe on a screening of the film in yaroslavl (the film is featuring the black bears yaroslavl mc, as well).

    best, stefan

  3. Port Douglas hotels

    I really love their music. Though it's hip hop music they offer, their music reflects the real me. More music to follow. I'll wait for it.

  4. Jan

    Heard your music accompaning the movie from Stefan... You guys rock. That is really awesome music you make. Dont stop making such great songs.


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