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Yaroslavl Front Door #2: Kalmykovykh street

It is the second post of Yaroslavl Front Doors. In the previous time I told you about the front door on Kalmykovykh street, 5. Today the narration will about a front door on the same street.

So, object #2, address Kalmykovykh street, (ул. Калмыковых), 3.

The third building is the first of the set of working barracks. Initially, there were three-storey buildings but after there were four-storey. In spite of the front doors of different buildings are similar (they were made by the one author), the third building is different from fifth. It is tidier and even there is intact windows!

Why did it happen? Let's investigate the front door of third building

Probably it can be defined by the following fact. A women who lives in that building said some quite interesting information:

— Our home is three hundreds years old, %#!
— The fifth is being totally resettled, there are 40 new flats, %$$#
— But there is no resettlement in that house across the street.

Probably, the residents of the fifth building are living "as at the last time" before the final resettlement and the residents of the third house are more careful with their own flats.

The door.

The door is unaltered for all buildings. There are no a combination lock and intercom: it is clear.

The staircase.

There is a similar version (like in fifth building). It is a beautiful hammering of the late of XIX century. There is a permanent and elegant handrail. We can see a load-bearing structure of the staircase which implements a decorative function.

Such hammering staircase is also sexual! If you are standing in the very bottom near the entrance door and a girl with spike heels are walking down the stairs, the whole front door is filled with a sexual clatter for three minutes. Who will be now from the top? WHO? The whole staircase is sexual vibrating. And no matter that your hopes and aspirations will be completely crushed… Main thing is anticipation.

Summary: the staircase is very loud and noisy, but it's not always harmful (for example, you live on the third floor than you can know about your visitors three minutes before).

The landing.

It is more quality than the landing of fifth building. Most of the window are untouched and we can imagine the author's concept — good illuminated front door. The floors are not so dirty that we can explore an embossing of tiles.

Moreover, even the glazing of corridor doors remains intact. The fact that the door wasn't burnt and the windows remain intact, tell us about the high resilience of spirit and purity of thoughts of the inhabitants of this front door.

This belief, however, has been broken when several empty bottles of vodka was seen on windowsill. But it is a nuance.

The trick.

At last, the third floor, attic hatch is not locked. According to all, the inhabitants of the building are not very fond of door locks and in general all things affecting the breadth of the spirit.

Climb to the attic, and, indeed, there is that which is difficult to get in other similar buildings of Yaroslavl. There is a huge rafter which holds the roof of the working barracks. It is more than 120 years old.

The rock paintings..

This inscription in full, at its root, destroys the very scientific sexology. (It's some words about sex in Russian. If you want to know more details, don't hesitate to contact us.)

Thanks to LiveJournal user yanlev for this amazing material.

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  1. Anonymous

    Damn scary there... And the inscriptions are something %)

  2. Musical News

    последнее фото не надо было размещать :(

  3. Evgeny Pavlov

    I think our English readers can't understand the inscription on the wall. Maybe… :)

  4. lucky_Sonya

    Зачем размещать такие фотографии?

  5. Evgeny Pavlov

    Sonya, we want to tell you about real life in our ancient city. I guess it's just an inscription on a wall.

  6. lucky_Sonya

    Думается мне, что это совсем не "real life in our ancient city". И не каждому такое видеть приятно, особенно вашим "English readers".

  7. Evgeny Pavlov

    Okey, I'll make a spoiler later :)

  8. James Boekbinder

    Hi, lucky_Sonya, ya - 'English reader' kotory 2, 3 raza dostatochno dolgo byval v Yaroslavle, i mne interesno tozhe videt' takie veschi. Ya eto sovsem ne prinimayu kak 'obschii ton' zhizni v gorode ili uroven kultury. Eto - sled, kotory rasskazyvaet o malenkom detali ezhednevnoy zhizn'i v etom meste. Ya by fotografiyu ostavil. Ved vse ostal'noe tozhe est... :)) Yaroslavl - neobyknovenno priyatnii gorod. Ya by khotel vernut'sya letom. Bylo tyazhelo zimoy.

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