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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Trolleybus driver made an unique collection

There is an unusual exhibition today in Yaroslavl. In tram and trolleybus depot (shed) you can see a collection of nearly 400 insects which was collected by Galina Altukhova, the resident of Yaroslavl. Galina is not a biologist or a scientist, she has worked as trolleybus driver for 30 years!

When my son was a child we liked to go to a forest together. Once I caught a dragonfly. This dragonfly has been dried and we've put it into a box.

It was a beginning of Galina's passion.

I want none of the vanity and don't want that my collection will win in some competiotion. Most importantly that children and adult can see it.

via Любовь к насекомым.Водитель троллейбуса собрала уникальную коллекцию

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