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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Oskolki neba is Yaroslavl pop-rock music band

There is a lot of good music bands in Yaroslavl which play classic and pop rock. One of them is Oskolki Neba (Russian: Осколки Неба; English: Sky Splinter).

Lately the band celebrated six years!

Unfortunately there is no much information concerning Oskolki Neba. Nevertheless I can present you their music compositions and some photos and posters.

The band is actively developing and last half a year almost each month presents a new recorded song.

Oskolki Neba is

  • Roman Smirnov — vocal, guitar
  • Olga Smirnova — keyboards
  • Alexey Vorobyov — bass
  • Danil Smirnov — drums

In 2008 year the band won the music competitions "Rock Autumn" (Rok Osen) in nomination "Positive Emotions". Today Oskolki Neba takes part in different performances and events.

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