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Vnuki Svyatoslava is Yaroslavl acoustic folk-rock band

Recently we started to write about Yaroslavl music bands. Today I would like to tell you about one of my favorite group. It is Vnuki Svyatoslava (Russian: Внуки Святослава, English: Svyatoslav's grandchildren) which plays an acoustic folk-rock.

Let's start form beginning. February, 2002. Dmitry Konov and Artem Chirkov were studying in Yaroslavl State Technical University as two-year students and there was examinations, when Artem returned home in Tutaev after the last exam. There were nobody at his home and there would be plenty of couple of weeks of a holiday. What to do? Yes, Artem has decided to record a disk with his song. The more so because he bought a guitar half a year ago. When he has come from the holiday to carry on his education he proposed to listen to his work to a few friends. Especially he wanted to know Dmitry's opinion, because Dmitry was a musician and played as bass in the band "Osoboe Mnenie".

Dmitry said that he liked couple of Artem's songs. Artem inquired Dmitry to arrange his songs and Dmirty agreed and went to Tutaev for three days. By the evening they have recorded several songs and decided to create a new rock-band. It was the born of Vnuki Svyatoslava.

In March, 2005 Dmitry Konov met with a fascinating girl. She is Oksana Knyazeva. She has been engaged academic voice for 8 years and at present she studies in Yaroslavl Music Specialized School after L.B. Sobinov. And it was a beginning of the present life of band.

Once Dmitry invited Oksana to rehearsal and asked her to sing the song "Iskat Sebya". It was unbelievable!

The band Vnuki Svyatoslava:

  • Oksana Knyazeva — vocals, bells, tambourine
  • Michail Gryzyhin — guitar
  • Alina Petrova — violin
  • Xenia Lukianenko — violin, wheel lira
  • Irina Nadeinskaya — flute, ocarina, tarka, vocals, marakasy
  • Sergey Bushuyev — bass guitar (ak.)
  • Sergey Glebov — drums, bong
  • Dmitry Konov — guitar, balalaika, vargan, spoons, ocarina
  • All of the works — Vnuki Svyatoslava

There are two albums of Vnuki Svyatoslava: Iskat Sebya and Plesti venkami pesni.

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  1. Xyl

    Great article! Vnuki Svyatoslava is certainly worthy of attention and acclaim!

  2. Evgeny Pavlov

    Absolutely true! Vnuki Svyatoslava is one of the best folk band in Yaroslavl.

  3. Constantine

    Все очень мило, но... Часто "секунду" поете... Пересмотрите технику вокала.

  4. Anonymous

    though i do not understand the song but is lovely music and voice.
    its great.

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