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Yaroslavl Details #1: insurance signs

Almost in each post I introduce a new section of our website. The same in this post. It's so because we're just opening our project and now we are filling it with interesting materials. Today I write about Yaroslavl details which can be seen on Yaroslavl buildings, streets, parks and so on.

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Let's start to look into interesting signs

So, The object #1 on Maksimova street

The address: Maksimova street, 6 (ул. Максимова, д. 6)

What: the tin sign with the inscription "Russian Insurance Company 1827 year" ("Российское Страховое Общество 1827 года") and plate with the address of building — 2.

The comment: In the second half of 19 century there was a real boom of insurance in Russia. Mainly real estate was insured. On each insured building there was some sign which was like an advertisement as well. 1827 year is year of the foundation of the first Russian Insurance Company. Exactly this Company ensured this house on Vsekhsvyatskaya street, 2 (улица Всехсвятская), in present Maksimova street, 6.

The object #2 on Sobinova street

The address: Sobinova street, 25 (ул. Собинова)

What: The tin sign with inscription "Insured in the North Society" ("Застраховано в Северном Обществе")

The comment: the same sign which indicated that this house was insured by the North Society. The sign could remain because there is the museum of Leonid Sobinov in this building.

The Object #3 on Smolyakova street

The address: Smolyakova street, 9 (ул. Смолякова)

What: The tin sign with inscription "Insured in Yaroslavl's Provincial Zemstvo" ("Застраховано в Ярославском Губернском Земстве")

The comments: Such signs could remain in good peasant houses.

Thanks a lot to Masquerade and to his post.

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