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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Elks in the city

The operation to rescue the elks has been in Zavolzhsky district (Заволжский район) recently. Four young animals have been locked between a busy road and the wall of the rail carriage overhaul works.

Stand quietly, do not scare, do not go on the road: these rules was obligatory at morning of May 29th. Forest border was liked by the four young elks. At 8 a.m. a passerby saw the elks and than rescuer came.

The first time, the forest animals behaved quietly. While rescuers and huntsmens were thinking what to do with strayed animals, the elks have decided to take a small surprise. The animals have been scared by a locomotive horn and they've run straight to a busy road.

The elks have been stopped and managed to avoid serious consequences. A little later there was a plan to rescue animals from captivity: the rescuers have decided to block the road so the elks could go across the road. The animals were so glad the freedom that some of them decided to cross the Volga river. Witnesses have seen one of these near Tveritsky beach (Тверицкий пляж).

Thank you NTM News for the material.

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