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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Children's railway was reopened in Yaroslavl

The first train left from the station Pionerskaya in Victory Day. Schoolboys were in a blue uniform and they surprised their fellows by controlling locomotives and demonstrating an unusual model of the railway. In the opening day there were a lot of desirous. All visitors wanted to ride on a train.

Everything was fascinating and great! It is like a real train! But, however, the main that there is not any buffet!

The schoolboy who controlled the train thought about a route rather than about drinks in the buffet. Route's time was almost 40 minutes.

And there was another entertainment: the model of the railway. The railway apprentices study how to control the whole system: there are nearly 1200 of girls and boys. The next trip is on Saturday, 17th of May.

Materials via Yaroslavia TV

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