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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Front Door #3: Moskovsky prospect, 12

We carry on our investigation of Yaroslavl front doors. So, the Object #3

Address is Moskovsky prospect (Московский проспект), 12

It's a neat three-storey penthouse which opens a small enfilade (a line of houses) of nice historical buildings on the right side of Moskovsky prospect (if you go from the city center).

Do you want to know more? Let's look into the front door of this building on Moskovsky prospect

Three storey of this massive house are dominated in this part of prospect. The facade is richly decorated: since the beginning of time it's the main entrance of the city. The house was built in the second part of the 19th century and the whole 20th century it was as dwelling house. Only by the ends of the century there was a computer shop on the first floor. Now this computer company owns the entire building.

The door.

Modern. Plastic "Rehau". Stylish. Modish.

Near the main entrance there is an unclaimed another door. It's more older the the previous one.

The staircase.

There is a corridor (hall) from the door before the staircase. The corridor is preserved without any changes:

Walk up, and now both flight of stairs are in all their beauty:

The staircase remains intact from the time of the construction of the building. These interesting things are wonderfully preserved, reminding us of those times when the whole upstairs had a carpet track.

Pay attention to the authentic legs of the banisters:

The landing.

Indeed, both the staircase and the landing are the best example of a real front door. Only have seen the landing, one can understand the design of an architect.

The front door in this building is the key design element. The designers gave so serious attention to it that they took it outside as a jetty (bay window).

Here it is, on the left, a special bay window for the front:

This architecture method allowed to give an imperial scope to the front door. The landing can contain a small room. But more possible there was a big plant there.

In any case, this space was unobtrusively filled without losing its core function: to provide space and scope.

The modeling has remained on the walls and ceiling. It visually divides this side into parts. Probably, there were wall paintings. The "circle" of the modeling indicates the place of the chandelier.

The trick.

The window. The whole front door serves this window. It's gigantic, as two man's height.

Unfortunately, the window frame has been lost. But we can see the marble windowsill.

In spite of a number of losses, we can exactly imagine how the building looked by the ends of 19th century.

It's a real front door: gorgeous, spacious and bright.

We used the material of LJ user yanlev.

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