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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Overdrive Blues Band is Yaroslavl jazz and blues band

We have already written posts of five Yaroslavl music bands. They play different music, but basically they perform in pop rock style. Nevertheless, there are lots of other music bands in Yaroslavl. There are both folk and jazz groups. Latter is very wide-spread in our city. We have a good Jazz Center, a good jazz school and a good attitude of jazz. Some citizens say that Yaroslavl Jazz Center is only place with a good music.

So, allow me to present one of the interesting jazz and blues groups of Yaroslavl. It's Overdrive Blues Band. I think that this group is good beginning of posts about our jazz bands.

Overdrive Blues Band:

  • Sergey Kuznetsov — vocal, wind instrument
  • Yury Tikhomirov — guitar
  • Andrey Volkovich — bass
  • Mikhail Fadeichev — drums

There are the albums "No More Jazz" and "Live in Yarburg bar". Latter is interesting because Max Nekrasov participated in the recording. Max is one of the best harmonicists in Russia.

All musicians of Overdrive Blues Band are serious and they are known not only in Yaroslavl.

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