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Yaroslavl For Me Podcast, Episode 2 "The Volkov Theater"

After publishing our previous podcast we rethought one's structure. Now it is made up of two parts: learning Russian lesson and Russian music (some Yaroslavl music bands). The common and main name of Yaroslavl For Me Podcast is Russian Language, Russian Music.

Another improvement is a change of the type. It's a slidecast! So, welcome our second podcast but the first slidecast "The Volkov Theater".

Table of content:

  • Learning Russian language lesson: the dialogue about the first Russian theater — the Volkov theater (in Yaroslavl).
  • One song Dennitsa of Vnuki Svyatoslava.

As in the previous time we provide the transcript of this podcast on Google Docs.

Download Yaroslavl For Me Podcast, Episode 2 or Subscribe to future podcasts.

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