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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

A really big catfish was caught in the Kotorosl river

Recently a huge catfish was caught in the Kotorosl river by one of the fisherman-fanciers. The fight with the river monster lasted more than one hour. Valery Igonkin, a fisherman:

It is approximately one meter in length. Well-well... Okay, I cannot hold it more. Heavily.

The fish was caught at 3 p.m. on spinning. The hungry catfish bit on a foam rubber blende. It was very difficult to catch it on fisherman's own. And another fisherman decided to help him. But even two fishermen had been catching the fish for more than two hours. Valery Igonkin:

He pulled. I immediately felt this. He was swimming near me during one hour when he gave in.

Anatoly Posatskov, a fisherman:

He was exhausted by us. Than we closed him to the bank. I went to water in boots, put the screws on him and threw him on the bank. And there I was helped by those who was in shoes.

The length of the fish is one and a half meters. The weight is approximately sixteen kilograms. It's not uncommon. Fishermen name this place Catfish's pit (translitiration: Somova Yama, in Russian: Сомова Яма).

We used some materials from NTM.

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