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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Details #3: the sign "School"

There are lots of wooden buildings in Yaroslavl (even in the center of the city). In this post I'd like to tell you about a school.

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The object #5 on Stantsiya Uroch street

The address: Stantsiya Uroch street (ул. Станция Урочь), 10

What: The sign "SCHOOL" (in Russian: школа, transliteration: shkola) made of wooden lathes.

The comment: Common and simple inscription "SCHOOL" clearly shows that a building is a school. It's the school #97 and it's 109 years old! In the past it was the school for railwayman children.

Not only the sign remains intact but the building is in a good condition. It was built in 1900 year!

I took the materials and photos from Masquerade.

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