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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Details #2: an interesting tile

We are continuing our "project": finding interesting details in Yaroslavl (signs, decorative elements, buildings, even some bricks and other). In this post we are going to say about interesting tile on a building.

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The object #3 on Andropova street

The address: Andropova street (ул. Андропова), 25

What: The ceramics tile-as-business-card with the inscription "Decorative building company. ARTUR PERKS. Moscow. Telephone # 2589" ("Декоративно-строительная контора. АРТУРЪ ПЕРКСЪ. г. Москва. Телефонъ № 2589").

The comment: It was very modish to decorate buildings with ceramics tiles. Especially in capitals, but Yaroslavl wasn't exception. The company of Artur Perks was one of the biggest companies which could tile.

Most of tiles were lost but Yaroslavl tile is one of few survivors. Because of this tile, the building is known as "Bricks" ("Kirpichi").

Thank you Masquerade for photos and text.

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