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Old Yaroslavl

Old Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl For Me: two months with you

Two month ago, 27th March, we opened this website for testing and writing first posts. Yes, it is necessary, because nobody wants to see an empty website. Initially, Elina and I have thought up several sections of the blog: photos, stories, history, music, news and podcasts. Today some of posts can simultaneously belong to two or even three sections. Sometimes I can't decide which part of the website is more suitable. I wanted to expand our blog with new section, but we decided to remain the structure intact. Nevertheless, there are lots of project within the blog. For example, there are Yaroslavl details and Yaroslavl Front door. During two month we wrote more than 45 post and sent lots of postcards with the view of Yaroslavl. By the way, if you want to receive a postcard then contact us.

Within a short time there will be some new projects. I think that you will be interested in these posts.

So, I want to make a short summary of some our interesting existed posts (three for each section).






And our experiment with podcasts:

I hope you carry on reading our website. We say thank you to all our visitors!

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